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Out of language is a two-person exhibition featuring works by Joshua West Smith and Jenene Nagy. Exploring ideas of the unknown, duality, and structure, this effort is a result of two artists working in close proximity for three years. This exhibition is the first time Smith and Nagy have exhibited together. Along with singular works by each artist Out of language also features the duo's first collaborative piece.

Jenene Nagy's works on paper are a part of her Measure series. Developed during a residency in Los Angeles and based on paintings by the artist Peter Halley, Nagy's graphite works physically locate the viewer. Perception and light are integral in unveiling of the image. The physical distance of the viewer in relationship to the drawing reveals the composition. Similar to Nagy's large-scale installation projects, it is this participation and willingness to look harder that competes the work.

Joshua West Smith's works reveal a practice of thinking and making. Direct relationships with a wide range of material result in pared down objects that speak to immediacy and a desire for understanding beyond oneself. Coming from a background that includes interests in Modernism, architecture and Situationalist philosophies, Smith's works continue to employ a visual language that addresses social structures and organizations.

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